Saturday, March 8, 2014

Illinois Art Schools

The state of Illinois has an impressive number of museums and art galleries and it is fitting that Illinois art schools are amongst the finest in the country. In addition to teaching traditional skills of painting, drawing and sculpture, there are schools that offer courses to meet the needs of the modern technological work place. These skills are used in the media and in computer careers.

The International Academy of Design and Technology in Chicago has practical based courses, delivered by tutors who are working professionals in their chosen field. The classrooms and studios are of industry standard in terms of the equipment available to students. Distance learning online is offered as well as campus tuition. Courses at this art school in Illinois include Animation, Fashion Design, Graphic Design, Game Design, and Web Site Design.

Chicago's Harrington College of Design is one of the oldest of the Illinois art schools, having served the area for 75 years. The college provides Associate of Applied Science and Bachelor of Fine Arts programs. Admission times are flexible with students able to enroll for the Fall, Spring or Summer semester. There is a Financial Aid program for those eligible. A Career Services Department gives advice on preparing a resume and looking for a job upon graduation. Graduates can also look for support from the Alumni Association. Courses here include Architectural Design, Interior Design, Media Arts, Photography, and Multimedia.

The American Academy of Art in Chicago was established in 1923. It is located in the Museum District and it offers a mix of traditional and contemporary subjects. Students are fortunate in having access to one of the best libraries of any Illinois art school. The Irving Shapiro Library is well known for its extensive resources. Courses include Drawing, Art History, Computer Art/Design, Illustration, Painting, and Digital Design.

The ITT Technical Institute, School of Drafting and Design is situated at Mount Prospect. It is a very well equipped school with Electronic Labs, IT Labs and Drafting Labs. Courses include 3D Design, Animation, Design Theory, Drafting, Visual Communication, and Computer Design.

The School of the Art Institute of Chicago has been educating students for over 100 years and has excellent amenities including studios, seminar rooms, libraries, school galleries, classrooms and a fine museum. The curriculum is very broad at this Illinois art school and includes traditional skills, such as Printmaking, Sculpture, Painting, Silkscreen and Jewelry. There are also courses in Architecture, Photography, Lighting, Graphic Design and Liberal Arts. Other courses provide a career path to working in art gallery and museum institutions, including Museum Studies and Art Administration. The Art Criticism course could lead to a career in journalism or academia and the Art Education course is of interest to students wanting to be educators in the art field.

It has never been easier to make your own website than it is today. It is really simple. If you don't believe me, try MySpace. All you have to do is log on, create an account, and you can make web site within a few minutes. Even if you have never programmed in HTML before, barely understand the Internet at all, and don't know what you want to do with your website, you can still make a website very quickly. Not only will you have your own webpage, but you will have one that doesn't cost you anything. This is pretty cool for a lot of purposes.

Nevertheless, there are some drawbacks to deciding to make web sites this way. It is fine for your personal blog. A lot of people make web site as a way to keep in touch with their friends. Nonetheless, if you're doing more than keeping up with your friends through the website, you have to go a step further. There are plenty of Web designers out there who charge reasonable rates. I was pretty skeptical when I was first deciding to make a band web site. I figure that any web page would do as long as it gave tour dates, contact information, sound samples, bios, and a few good pictures. I was wrong. When you make web site in your spare time and don't put any effort into it, it shows. It will not discourage your hard-core fans, but it won't encourage new people to check out your band either. It is crucial to make a website that will catch their eye.

If you don't feel like paying anyone to make website, there are still tools that you can use that will give you better results than many of the free webpage programs. Nowadays, there are more HTML programs than ever before. Any of them will help you make web site. They all have different features, and it is too much to get into right now, but fortunately most of them have trial versions available. This means that you can download them for free and use them for a limited time to get a feel for what they do. Give it a try, do some research, and see how it works. You might be surprised with the results you get. It will be worth the work you put into it, and you might come out knowing a little more about how the web works.

When you rent DVDs, don't miss the 'coming soon' movie trailers for some good picks!

In the old days, when you went to the movie theatre, did you take your time at the soda and popcorn stand, so as to bypass the coming soon movie trailers? I did. What I'd come to see was the feature film and, running late, just got to my seat as the movie started, happy with my munchies and still on time for the film I'd paid to see.

Lately, I've noticed a change in the perennial 'coming soon' movie trailers on my DVD rentals. Apparently, the DVD distributors have smartened up. While they do have a captive audience, in that when you press 'play', the movie begins with the movie trailers, so it's just extra work to forward the DVD to where the movie starts. Besides, because you're at home, you fix the popcorn and what not before you sit down to watch, so there's no rush and no wasted time finding your parking spot at the theatre. A little extra free entertainment never hurts.

Also, by the time the movie gets to DVD format, the 'coming soon' movie trailers give you previews of movies already on DVD, so if you're interested in what you see on the previews, you can rent it next time you visit the movie rental store.

The previews shown in the movie theatres really were 'coming soon', not yet available. I'm terrible at remembering names of movies and if I had to wait 3 or 4 months, it wasn't worth the trouble of whisking out a notebook to write the name of the movie down – even I am not so eccentric! Besides, those 'coming soon' movie trailers advertised films made by that movie producer and which would be showing at the movie theatre I was attending. Easier to just look in the newspaper when the time came.

However, the DVD rental market has changed all this. Now, the 'coming soon' movie trailers are tailored to the genre, style, actors and directors of what you've rented. The idea is that if you enjoy the movie you rented, there's a good chance that the movies on the trailer previews will be ones you'll want to see. This is a smart marketing technique on the part of the DVD producers, as well as a service to the consumer.

I've found a lot of good movie picks this way. I'll even admit to being geeky enough to have a notepad handy to jot down the names of movies for future use in movie choices. This saves me a lot of time as well. I no longer have to spend time I don't have sorting through dozens of jackets and descriptions before renting and then hoping for the best. In the case of the 'coming soon' movie trailers, it's true that a picture is worth a thousand words.

Kids roller skates have come a long way over the years. I remember my first pair of metal skates and I cringe at the thought of my child ever using a similar item. Fortunately, there are many fantastic designs that offer excellent quality, great looks and most importantly, safety.

The products are also designed for all different age groups. I actually found an adorable pair of kids roller skates for my toddler. The toddler skates are decorated with Dora the Explorer characters and you really can’t beat that as far as my daughter is concerned. She squealed with excitement when she saw her new skates for toddlers.

What I love about the Dora the Explorer kids roller skates is that they adjust right to my daughter’s shoe. I never have to worry about the fit because they can be changed to suit my child’s foot. The kids roller skates are made of a tough plastic that can take an awful lot of punishment.

The ankle straps are very important on this particular item because they serve as a support for my daughter’s feet and ankles. They also serve to make a perfect fit in addition to the adjustable base.

Of course, safety is the biggest issue when it comes to my kids roller skates. The Dora the Explorer skates come equipped with toe brakes that help my child stop quickly and accurately. And she stops without landing on her behind, too. This gives me peace of mind while I help her scoot around.

The accessories are also great additions that give me peace of mind as well. The kids roller skates come with adorable matching knee pads and elbow pads. In the unlikely event that she has a little tumble, I know that her knees and arms are well protected. This is a great benefit to this product.

I did purchase a helmet separately and she is very excited about that item, too. Of course, I stuck with the Dora the Explorer theme with this product as well. My daughter wants to skate everywhere. I have trouble getting her out of her protective gear. Not because it’s difficult to remove but because she just wants to keep going.

So far, my experience with today’s kids roller skates has been nothing but a pure joy. My daughter and I are building fond memories and I can’t think of a nicer way to spend an afternoon. I know that she’s going to grow out of them eventually but for now, her Dora the Explorer kids roller skates are the best thing going.

Locating People

Before the internet became such an everyday part of almost every person’s way of life, it wasn’t always easy to go about locating people. In fact, it was almost easy to simply just vanish into thin air. Nowadays, with the levels of technology that exists, it is almost impossible to vanish into thin air unless you’re in the witness protection program. Let’s face it – locating people can be rather simple in this day and age. Sure, you may have to pay for the information, but once the fees are paid, it can be rather scary as to what information is made available to complete strangers.

If locating people is something you’re determined to do, you will find tons of tons of sites on the internet that are just promising to answer all of your questions. All of these sites claim that locating people is incredibly simple and that for a small fee – all the information that they can conjure up will be yours. Some of those sites will run you in circles and your fees will get you no further ahead than looking through local phonebooks. Other sites will give you some information that should be kept more personal, but as mentioned before – for a fee, they’ll make it public information. Suddenly, you can get a person’s income, value of their house, prior addresses, family members’ names, where they work and even more.

Of course, those sites that aid in locating people were meant for innocent searches. Perhaps you’re doing a background check on a potential employee. Maybe you want to locate a long lost friend or relative. Or maybe you’re checking up on someone that you’re dating. Those sites weren’t made for people who intend upon using the exposed information for identity theft or for harming the individuals that you’re locating. Amazingly, police departments and private investigators use some sites on the internet to find some information that they may not be privy to finding using their own sources. Of course, every site may claim to find information on a particular individual, but you need to pay for the information before they will reveal it to you. Once you pay the fees, you may end up discovering that the information that they claim to have may be incorrect or for the wrong individual.

If you’re planning on using a particular site for locating people, do your homework. Before you pay a fee or give any of your own personal information to any of these sites, never hesitate to do some of your own investigative work. Check their reputation with the Better Business Bureau. If they don’t have a satisfactory record or the Better Business Bureau doesn’t have any information on them, you should use a different company and site. Just because their specialty is locating people and doing some investigative work doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t have some information on them as well.

Friday, March 7, 2014

Choosing safe bath toys for kids requires thought and proper supervision

For kids, bath time is one of the joys of life. Bath toys are part and parcel of taking a bath. For parents, choosing the right bath toys that straddle fun and safety requires some thought and with younger kids, constant supervision. Bath toys that float are obviously good choices. The all time favorite, the little rubber yellow ducky, tops the list. He squeaks, floats and is cute.

However, come bath time, kids want to bring half of their toy chest in to the tub. A Barbie doll or a metal car may be must-haves for your child. You're afraid of the danger posed by these bath time toys that tend to sink rather than swim. A bath full of bubbles, with Barbie or the beloved metal car at the bottom of the tub, means that there's the potential of your child going underwater to search out their toy. So direct supervision is an absolute necessity. Even when you're right there, a child might dip their head underwater to retrieve their toy, swallowing water simply because they don't know any better. Such an event can trigger a fear of water in a child that's not easily outgrown.

This is why it's a good idea to have a collection of floating bath toys which are on the 'approved' list of bath toys. When you're toy shopping, be on the lookout for any cute, floating toy that also catches the eye of your kids. Assemble a box full of these toys, so that, come bath time, there is no shortage of a tub full of safe bath toys. Your kids will come to revere this choice collection of toys, exclusively meant for bath time enjoyment.

However, there's bound to be a toy or two that doesn't fall in to the floating category. Perhaps your child just can't do without that metal race car. In this case, make a game out of finding the toy which has sunk to the bottom. “Where has it gone? Let's see how quickly you can find it, without looking.” Now finding the missing bath toy becomes a safe game. However, don't fool yourself for a second. Should you leave the room to answer the phone, disaster can ensue. Kids are adventurous and inexperienced in life. They won't know they're putting themselves in danger by sticking their head underwater. Such accidents happen in seconds. Make sure you're always present at bath time with younger children.

Foam wrist and ankle toys, meant for use in swimming pools, make excellent toys for the bath. Kids thrill to the idea that feet and hands can float in the bath, while the rest of their body sits firmly on the bottom of the tub.

Choosing good bath toys for bath time fun is an art. Convincing the kids that these designated toys are the ones they choose is a talent to be cultivated. In the end, all purposes are served. Safe and happy kids are your end objective.

Looking for the fastest weight loss program? Here's your list of sensible strategies!

The number one spot on many of our New Year's resolution lists is held by 'lose x number of pounds'. You know that most health professionals advise a slow, steady weight loss program, both for nutritional concerns and keeping the weight off over time. However, there are a number of sensible approaches that qualify as a fastest weight loss program, while being nutritionally sound. It's important to note that, before you jump into any or all of these fastest weight loss strategies, you must consult with your physician to be sure it's safe for you, given your individual health conditions. Follow your physician's advice!

You might begin your weight loss program with a 3-day juice fast, which helps clean out your body and get a jump on shedding those first few pounds. A juice fast is used by some as a simple 'spring cleaning' for the body, without an intent to lose weight. Supplement your juices with plenty of water as well, in order to avoid problems of dehydration. The so-called 'sports drinks' are also good for maintaining your electrolyte balance, which can be disrupted with vigorous exercise that causes you to perspire heavily. Taking a good multi-vitamin supplement is a good idea during this stage of your fastest weight loss program. All of these liquids help to give you a feeling of fullness, allaying hunger pangs. Your stomach will also shrink a bit, so when you begin your weight loss regime, your appetite won't be quite so voracious. Following a 3-day juice fast, many people report feeling more energetic, due to all the toxins they've flushed out.

When you're talking about a fastest weight loss program, you must realize that quick weight loss doesn't allow for cheating or coddling yourself. To achieve your goal, you'll probably need to make some radical changes to your normal eating patterns. Psych yourself up to be disciplined and strict in executing your fastest weight loss program to a successful conclusion.

When you lose weight quickly, you must exercise daily, unless you want a bunch of flabby skin hanging off in a most unattractive manner! Talk to your physician about weight lifting exercises appropriate to your particular condition of health. Weight lifting exercises help tone your muscles, burn fat and avoid the residual flab.

When it comes to food, you'll realize the fastest weight loss by sticking strictly with 4-ounce portions of lean meats and large portions of high-fiber produce. The more fiber content, the better, because digesting the fiber not only cleans your digestive system, but also burns as many, or more calories than the produce contains. Avoid caffeine, alcohol and sodas like the plague! Your beverages should consist of water and herbal teas.

Make your menus at least a week in advance. Get a calorie counter and add up your daily count. When you're ready to shop, eat an apple, banana or cucumber salad dressed with low fat yogurt, before you hit the grocery store. You'll then feel satisfied enough to stick to your list like glue!

By now, you can see why you need to psych yourself up before beginning this fastest weight loss regime! No doubt, you'll be tempted along the way. A diversity of fruit and veggie choices and recipes will greatly help your resolve. Weigh yourself just once a week. Results will vary from week to week, due to your adjusting metabolism and, for women, monthly variances in water weight loss and gains. Keep at it. The rewards are there and fabulous!