Sunday, March 2, 2014

Choosing the Right Japanese Tattoo Symbols

A lot of my friends are into body art, and have more tattoos and piercings than you can imagine. I'm way more conservative than they are, so I haven't had any artwork done yet, but I'm planning on getting a tat in the near future. My buddies have chosen a vast array of designs, and while a lot of their stuff is cool, I don't want to get something that they already have. Instead, I'm leaning towards a couple of Japanese tattoo symbols for my shoulder, but I'm having trouble deciding which characters to get.

Kanji characters are by far the most popular Japanese tattoo symbols out there. I've seen these on a lot of people, and really like the way they look. I also like the fact that there's an actual meaning or message behind each character. If I'm going to mark my body for life, then I want the ink to have some significance. At the same time, however, this permanence makes choosing a character that much more difficult, so I really want to do a lot of research before I commit to anything.

Many folks choose Japanese tattoo symbols that represent abstract concepts such as strength, faith, or love. While the actual kanji characters might look good, I think these concepts are a bit generic for my purposes. I want to go with something that is more personal and directly related to my life. I realize that might be a tall order and that most other people don't expect their Japanese tattoo symbols to be excessively profound, but what can I say? I want to make this tat count!

That's why I'm leaning towards paying someone to create a personalized message for me. I've read that some ink parlors can put you in touch with an artist who would be more than happy to listen to your ideas and then come up with Japanese tattoo symbols that capture your vision. Sure, I'd have to pay extra for this, but I think it would be worth it because then I'd wind up with a unique tat that represents something I stand for.

If you're thinking about using Japanese tattoo symbols the next time you get inked up, I suggest taking a few moments to really consider what it is you're after. Would you be ok with characters that signify such broad ideas that anyone could sport them with equal confidence? Or would you rather go with something completely unique to your own life, personality, or beliefs? The answer is clear to me!

Truthfully, it's hard to go wrong with Japanese tattoo symbols. They usually turn out great no matter which characters you settle on, and can contain as much importance as you choose to attach to them. How many other tat designs can make the same claim?

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