Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Magic Powers

There is something about magic and ritual that holds a fascination for nearly everyone. Whether magic incantations whispered at midnight in some dark, hidden grove or the scent of ritual incense wafting up to the sky along with prayers, most people are instantly drawn to the trappings of occult power. I have always thought that this is because, at least on some level, everyone craves magic powers. Who would not like to see his wishes granted at the wave of a magic wand or the chanting of some mantra.

Unfortunately, magic powers are a lot harder to get than that. If you really want to be able to cast powerful magic spells, you have to be willing to put n a whole lot of time and energy to develop your occult potential. Many people wish for magic power and try to experiment with occult forces, only to meet with failure after failure. It is not impossible to succeed, but it is very hard without proper guidance.

My first encounter with magic powers occurred about 3 years ago. Back then, I felt like someone had put a hex on my life. Nothing was going right for me, and it all kept getting worse and worse. I decided to higher a wizard to cast a magic spell to cleanse me of any curses, bad karma or other problems. It did not work right away, but the effect was pretty quick. Within about a week my luck started to turn around. I got a callback for an interview, my relationship improved, and I met a few new friends. It was hard to tell if it was a result of the magic powers of the wizard, but something had definitely changed. It made me curious about what else you could accomplish through magic power.

I started to take magic classes at a local new age bookstore. They met once a week in a back room, surrounded by tarot decks, magic wands, and crystals. It might just have been from the power of the setting, but I felt like there was something mystical going on. When the teacher came in, there was an almost palpable sense of his magic powers. I could feel myself absorbing his knowledge as the class went on, and it was a very good feeling.

I am not sure whether I ever completely developed magic powers, but I certainly have become more powerful. I have learned how to will the changes I want to see in my life, and that knowledge really is a comfort on a day to day basis. Even when things are going bad, I know that the spirit world can help me to overcome any obstacle that is put in my way.

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