Monday, March 3, 2014

Protecting Your Cellular Phone Numbers

You probably have a landline along with your cell phone. Though some don’t, most households keep their landline for various reasons, even when they don’t use them very often. In many cases, the landline number is listed, and is used for things like business or commercial purchases. You may also give this number to doctors, lawyers, and others who need to reach you, but to whom you may not want to give your cellular phone numbers to. You protect your cell number in that way, and you should protect it in other ways as well.

You should think of your cellular phone numbers as some of your most personal information. Unless you use this for business, you want to make sure your number only goes to those who you wish to call you on your phone. That means you never post it online, and you never use it when listing something publicly, like classified ads or even personal ads. Use your landline numbers for this. That means you can screen your calls but you won’t have strangers calling and even passing out your cellular phone numbers.

Whatever you do, never fall for pages online that ask you to enter your cellular phone numbers. There is never any reason why you should have to use this number, even when you are making a purchase through a company that you trust. There are some that say they can tell you a secret, but you have to just give up your cellular phone numbers in order for them to do that. All this turns out to be is a way for someone to take your numbers and sell them to those that may have a use for them. It may also be a service that sends you text messages, at your expense, that you have no use for. If you feel you must do this, make a number up. Hopefully, it’s not someone else’s number.

If you are worried about your cellular phone numbers floating around, you can look online for more information. Try a simple search to see if your phone number appears in any text online. You can also try to some of the reverse lookups that you can find. They deal with cellular phone numbers, and hard to find landline numbers. If you find they have you listed, see if they can remove your listing for you. Contact any page that has your number and ask them to do the same. If not, you never know who could find it, and it might not be someone you like.

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